How to Calculate Your Own Solar Power System?

How to Calculate Your Own Solar Power System?

How many solar panels are required for a typical home? How many solar panels will I need for a house with three bedrooms? I need to install how many solar panels on a 2000-square-foot home. All these concerns are typical ones for prospective solar homeowners. Knowing your objectives can help you determine how many solar panels you’ll need for your house.

What is the Average Cost of Solar Panels in Dallas?

Let’s analyze what solar panels in Dallas typically cost.

In Dallas, a solar panel system typically costs $3 per watt. A 7.7-kilowatt system, which would cost around $15,328 or $11,343 when the federal solar tax credit is considered, is required for the typical Dallas homeowner.

Please keep in mind that the given figures are simply averages. Depending on your household’s energy usage, the sort of equipment you choose, your solar contractor, and other factors, the amount you’ll pay for solar could seem very different. Most households find the initial cost of solar energy to be worthwhile. Over a 20-year period, Dallas residents save, on average, $18,000 on their electricity expenses.

What Wattage Level Should You Use?

Look at the average usage of your electric bill. Look for “Kilowatt Hours (or kWh) Used” or a phrase to that effect, then take note of the duration indicated (usually 30 days). If the kilowatt hours on your bill are not indicated, find the beginning and ending meter readings and deduct the earlier measurement from the most current one.

If your bill doesn’t show a daily average, simply divide the monthly or annual average by 30 or 365 days, respectively, and then divide again by 24 to obtain your hourly average electricity usage. You need daily and hourly usage for our calculations. Your reply will be given in kW. (And in case you’re curious, a kilowatt-hour is the sum of the amount of electricity you consume at any time and the entire amount of time it is utilized.)

A smaller house in a temperate region would consume around 200 kWh per month, whereas a larger house in the south—where air conditioners require the most energy—might use up to 2,000 kWh.

Your desired daily average for calculating your solar demands is your daily energy consumption on average. To meet the majority, if not all, of your electricity needs, your solar system must produce that many kilowatt-hours.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Examine previous utility bills to figure out your home’s typical energy use. The number of solar panels you require can be determined by calculating the hourly energy needs of your household by the peak sunlight hours in your region, then dividing the result by the wattage of a panel. Establish a range by using examples of low-wattage (150 W) and high-wattage (370 W) systems (for instance, 17–42 panels to produce 11,000 kWh annually). Keep in mind that other criteria include your roof’s size and exposure to sunlight.

Note: To figure out how many solar panels you need, divide your home’s hourly wattage requirement by the solar panels’ wattage to calculate the total number of panels you need.

So the average U.S. home in Dallas, Texas, would need about 25 conventional (250 W) solar panels or 17 SunPower (370 W) panels.

Important Reminder in Using Solar Panel

It’s crucial to remember that solar panels don’t work at their best capacity every single day. For instance, the effectiveness of your system may momentarily decline due to weather conditions. Therefore, to make sure you can produce all the clean energy you want, experts advise adding a 25% “cushion” to your intended daily average.

Who to Trust in Installing Solar Panels?

To enable homes to benefit from these breakthroughs in technology, Expedited Electrical & Solar Energy provides skilled solar installation in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We do away with the requirement for a salesperson, which allows you to install solar panels for thousands less.

Whether you’re performing a full-service solar installation or a DIY solar installation, we’re here to help. For more information or to receive a quote for the price of installing solar panels in Fort Worth or a nearby location, get in touch with our staff!

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