Square D Panels: SAFE OR NOT SAFE?

Square D Panels: SAFE OR NOT SAFE?

The electrical panel in your home is one of the most important sections of your home because it serves as the main electrical switchboard for any structure. It is also necessary for the safety and convenience of the home. That’s why, if you’re in the market for a new panel, knowing which brand to go with and which panel to acquire is crucial.

What is a Square D Electrical Panel?

A Square D electrical panel is very popular today, and it has a lot of positive feedback. Square D is an electrical equipment manufacturer based in the United States. The business was formed in 1902 by two electrical experts. Square D offered a variety of electrical goods and equipment throughout the company’s early years.

Square D, on the other hand, sold much of its business in the 1920s to concentrate on circuit breakers and safety switches. They raised public awareness about the dangers of electricity and began manufacturing a variety of circuit breakers for personal and business use. Since 1836, Square D’s parent firm, Schneider Electric, has equipped engineers with electrical equipment. To put it another way, they know what they’re doing.

Square D is a major player in the breaker industry, both residential and commercial. The company produces a number of popular circuit breaker lines, each with its own set of uses and features. When choosing a circuit breaker, it’s crucial to think about the end application.

When replacing one, or performing maintenance or inspection on a breaker, it is important to understand what type of breaker you are dealing with.

Is it safe to use Square D electrical panels?

Square D Company of Palatine, Illinois is voluntarily giving free replacement of its 15 through 30 ampere size Series 1 two-pole ground fault interrupting (GFCI) circuit breakers in collaboration with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Ground fault circuit breakers are safety devices that guard against electrocution in addition to the overload protection function of a circuit breaker. Two-pole GFCI circuit breakers are frequently used on 240 volt circuits that serve hot tubs/spas, swimming pool equipment, pumps and fountain equipment, and other applications where the protected equipment’s electrical failure could result in electrocution.

Square D Company is taking this move after discovering that early failure of an electrical component could render the product’s electric shock protection useless.

Square D Company has not received any reports of injuries as a result of the problem with its product. This defect has no effect on the typical circuit breaker function.

GFCIs, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, provide a substantial level of electrical safety.

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